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Research Roundup: Celebrating Innovation 

nano3Dprint is honored to be featured in research papers around the world. Specifically, the A2200 3D Multi-material Electronics Printer has been used for 3D printing electronic devices and a host of advanced applications. 

Here are some scientific papers that have used nano3Dprint additive manufacturing technology:

3D Print Your Electronic Devices 

As you can see from all this groundbreaking research, nano3Dprint is supporting this goal by providing multi-material, high-resolution 3D printers that produce printed electronics and other advanced applications. 

With the A2200 3D Multi-material Electronics Printer you can use conductive inks to print wires and easily integrate them into your 3D print constructed with FDM (choose from PLA, ABS, and beyond). The A2200 precisely meters inks with viscosities ranging from 1mPa·s to 54000 mPa·s, which means you can print highly conductive wires. So whether you want to produce a force transducer, battery, or any fully 3D object embedded with functional materials, our direct-write technology will transform your design into reality. 

Elevating Innovations 

At nano3Dprint, we believe in creating cutting-edge additive manufacturing solutions that elevate innovation. Trusted by United States government researchers, the Billi Research Lab and Luskin Orthopedic Institute for Children, we’re dedicated to engineering the best additive manufacturing technology so you can excel in your industry. We hope you enjoy reading about these incredible discoveries, and can’t wait to see what you make next. 

One final note: 

In addition to offering educational discounts, we also provide live product training and application support. If you’re an academic, feel free to contact us for further inquiries about our educational offerings. Message us here or give us a call at (650) 762-6677.