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3D Print Electronics

Discover the most innovative multi-material and electronic 3D printers available. Print functional materials into fully 3D designs.

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3D Print and Test Your Ideas In a Day

Rapidly prototype and unlock achievements like never before.

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Research and Education

3D Print Solar Cells, Batteries and More

Transform your idea into a prototype within a day. 3D print your way to a bright future.

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Medical Devices

Improve your R&D and 3D print intelligent devices for healthcare.

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Expand Your Field of Innovation

Discover new AME solutions. 3D print your electronics with embedded circuitry.

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Is Your 3D Printer Basic?

3D printers are great but how much more could you accomplish if you could print wires, sensors, capacitors, heaters, batteries and even solar directly into your design? Level up your 3D printing game and produce printed electronics, advanced applications, and other fully functional 3D objects.

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A2200 3D Printer Preparing For Use
A2200 3D Multi-material Electronics Printer

Discover how you can 3D print electronics and other functional objects with embedded circuitry. The A2200 3D prints FDM side-by-side with functional paste and highly conductive inks.

B3300 Dual-Dispensing 3D Printer

Want to 3D print wearables, sensors, batteries, and other electronics? Meet the B3300, which 3D prints functional inks and pastes side-by-side.

A platform for all 3D-printed electronics for the future.

- U.S. Government Researchers
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