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Discover intelligent additive manufacturing solutions.

3D Print Electronics With the Push of a Button

Make wearables. IoT packaging. Sensors. Antennas. Resistors. Single or double layer PCBs. Our innovative and economical printers empower you to print the electronics you need with speed and accuracy.

Print Inks and Pastes, Side-By-Side

Print PLA, ABS, and high-performance FD materials – the A2200 is engineered for prototyping 3D printed electronics by printing thermoplastics in conjunction with functional inks such as high conductive silver ink.

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Print With Precision and Accuracy

Precisely meter functional inks with viscosities ranging from 1 mPa·s to 54000 mPa·s. Monitor your printing progress in real-time to ensure your high resolution 3D designs print perfectly.

Tired of Waiting Weeks For a Prototype?

Wouldn’t you like to make changes in hours instead of weeks? Our 3D printers can take you from concept to prototype within a day. Get to market with speed and ease.

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Cost-Saving Solutions

Our 3D printers will save you unnecessary fees. Bypass the outsourcing process, shipping costs and expensive proprietary software.

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