MatDep Pro


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Revolutionize your 3D printing experience with MatDep Pro and add conductive and functional ink into a 3D design in a single pass. With groundbreaking innovation, it features an FDM extruder and a materials dispensing system, each equipped with independent motion.

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Make soft robots, rechargeable batteries, medical devices and more.

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Use gold, copper, and a wide range of new materials.

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Make the strongest 3D prints available with composite materials.

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Enjoy a significantly lower cost of ownership than similar 3D electronics printers.

The FDM extruder and materials dispensing system are each equipped with independent motion.

  • Two Printheads

    Optimized Print Heads: FDM Extruder and Materials Dispensing System

  • Independent Motion

    The extruder and materials dispensing system assemblies move independently. Both print heads are automatically wiped cleaned after use.

  • The FDM Extruder (Print Head 1) 3D Prints:

    PLA, ABS, PETG, POM, Nylon (PA), PC, Carbon Fiber filament, Dissolvable filament (PVA, HIPS), and Flexible filament (TPU, PLA+)

  • The Materials Dispensing System (Print Head 2) 3D Prints:

    Functional Pastes and Inks, Conductive Nano- Particle Inks, Resistive, Dielectrics, Magnetic, Thermo-Electric, Photovoltaic, and Graphene Solutions

  • Resolution

    Achieve a resolution of 200-microns, and attain even finer resolutions of up to 100-microns with specialty tips on the materials dispensing system.

  • Materials Dispensing System Viscosity Range

    Works with all inks and pastes with viscosities ranging from 1mPa·s to 54000 mPa·s.

  • Materials Dispensing System Syringe Size

    3 ml

  • Materials Dispensing System Nozzle Size

    14 to 30 Ga (1.6mm to 150μm) Higher Resolution Available: 30 Ga, 32 Ga, 34 Ga

  • FDM Extruder Size

    0.4 mm (1.75 mm filament)

  • Large Format Build Volume

    360x250x200mm or 14.17 x 9.84 x 7.87 inches

  • Industrial Linear Guide

    Stable and precise movement control

  • Continue Printing After Power Cut


  • Video Inspection System

    Real-time magnifying video inspection system for more precise adjustment control of the dispensing system.

  • Machine Dimensions

    630 x 430 x 625 mm

  • Machine Weight

    ~ 92.5 lbs.

  • Max. Heat Bed Temperature

    Max 120°C

  • Printing Temperature

    Max 260°C

  • Printing Speed

    20-200 mm/s

  • Max. Extruder Flow Rate

    24 cc/hour

  • Positional Accuracy

    XY axis: 0.011 mm and Z axis: 0.0025 mm

  • Extrusion Layer Thickness

    0.1-0.3 mm

  • Stage Material

    Flexible Magnetic Build Mat

  • Software / File Format / Operating System

    Compatible with Repetier-Host, Cura, Makerware, Simplify3D / STL and GCODE / Windows, Mac, Linux

  • Connectivity

    USB/SD and Card/WiFi

  • Print Electronics

    Make PCBs. Wearable technologies. Conductors. Solar Cells. Flexible electronics. And beyond.

  • Independent Motion Technology

    The FDM extruder and a materials dispensing system are each equipped with independent motion. The independently moving print heads are cleaned off after each use, eliminating cross-contamination and delivering better print quality, speed, and reliability.

  • Use a Wide Range of Substrates

    Print on a wide range of substrates, sizes, or shapes to a depth of 1 cm.

  • Video Inspection System

    Monitor your multi-material 3D printing progress in real-time from your device to ensure your high resolution 3D designs print perfectly.

  • Enjoy Accurate 3D Prints

    Achieve accuracy in layer height, surface finishing, tolerance, and roundness.

  • Simple To Use

    Control the A2200 from your computer, smartphone or the full-color touch screen. It’s compatible with USB, SD card, and flash drive for direct printing.​

General Tools & Materials:
▪ Allen Wrench
▪ Dispenser/Syringe Adapter & Clamps for Plastic Syringe (x1)
▪ Dispenser/Syringe Adapter & Clamps for Glass Syringe (x1)
▪ Empty Plastic Syringes (x5)
▪ Syringe Caps (x5)
▪ Transfer Adapters (x5)
▪ Filament Holder (x1)
▪ Filament Tube Guide (x1)
▪ Power Cable
▪ Mark III Dispensing System
▪ Video Monitoring System
▪ Simplify3D Software License (electronically delivered)