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Discover the D4200S

nano3Dprint has leveraged its scanning probe extensive nanotechnology product and system knowledge to produce the D4200S, a Micro-to-Nanoscale materials printer designed for Printed Electronics, Prototyping, R&D, and Industrial Applications.

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A Multipurpose System

  • Perfect for dispensing functional inks
  • Engineered for Micro-to-Nano scale deposition with Angstrom level spatial resolution
  • Ideal for Printed Electronics, Prototyping, R&D, and Industrial Applications
  • Wafer scale chip editing

Nanoscale Deposition

Ask us about nanoscale deposition of Al, Au, amorphous carbon, diamond, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, GaAs, GaN, Ge, Mo, Nb, Ni, Os, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru, Re, Si, Si3N4, SiOx, TiOx, W, metal carbonyls of Me(CO)x, metal-halogen complexes (WF6, etc.).

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Embrace the future of 3D printing. Our innovative multi-material and electronics 3D printers will expand your field of innovation.

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