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Are you still 3D printing with FDM only? Here's your chance to level up.

Say Goodbye to Basic 3D Prints

Light up your creations. Make them fly. Make them go! Don’t add wires – print them directly into your designs. Whether you 3D print for passion projects or your career, our technology will unlock your full 3D printing potential.

3D Print Electronics

The A2200 is the only direct-to-consumer system that prints FDM (ABS, PLA, etc.) alongside functional paste and highly conductive inks (Au, Ag, Cu etc.). It has a side-by-side filament extruder and precision materials dispensing system.

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Want Stronger Prints?

Make the toughest 3D Prints available with composite materials. Print a layer of plastic, followed by a layer of “glue,” and so on, resulting in composite structures that are stronger than ever before.

Combine Materials

Print gold, ceramics, and a wide range of new and industry-standard materials to make combined prints. Make fully 3D objects embedded with functional materials.

See the A2200

Enjoy Great Value

Compared to other electronics 3D printers, our machines have a significantly lower cost of ownership. Not ready to invest fully? We offer payment plans.


Embrace the future of 3D printing. Our innovative multi-material and electronics 3D printers will expand your field of innovation.

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